Staff & Good Pharma Scorecard Team

Jennifer E. Miller, PhD

Founder, Bioethics International
and Good Pharma Scorecard
Assistant Professor, Yale University School of Medicine

Joseph S. Ross, MD, MHS

Investigator, Good Pharma Scorecard
Associate Professor, Yale School of Medicine

Michelle Mello, JD, PhD

Investigator, Good Pharma Scorecard
Professor, Stanford University

David Korn, MD

Investigator, Good Pharma Scorecard
Professor, Harvard Medical School
Former Dean, Stanford School of Medicine
Former Vice President, Stanford University

Cary Gross, MD

Investigator, Good Pharma Scorecard
Professor, Yale School of Medicine

Nithya Krishnamurthy

Research Assistant, Good Pharma Scorecard, Global Health Scholar, Masters in Public Health Major, Yale University

Board of Directors and Advisors

Jennifer E. Miller, PhD

Founder, Bioethics International
Assistant Professor, Yale University School of Medicine

Wilco Faessen

Managing Director, Barclays Capital

Marie-Catherine Letendre, PhD

Department Chair, Marymount International School, Italy

Liam O’Brien, Esq

Managing Partner, McCormick & O’Brien LLP

Stephen M. Sammut, MBA, PhD

Senior Fellow, Health Care Management Wharton School

Marc Wilenzick, Esq

Senior Regulatory Counsel, Taro Pharmaceuticals, USA and Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

Jeremy Abbate*

Publisher, Scientific American

Tanisha Carino*

EVP, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Alexion

Doug Dickerson, MBA*

State Director, AARP

Patrick Jordan, MBA, MA*

Chief Administration Officer, Encore, A Quintiles Company

Llew Keltner, MD, PhD*

Professor of Bioethics, Columbia University

Leslie J. Levinson, Esq.*

Partner & Co-chair of Transactional Health Law Group, Robinson+Cole

Mark McClellan, MD, PhD*

Former FDA Commissioner and CMS Administrator
Senior Fellow and Director, Health Care Innovation and Value Initiative, Brookings Institution

Mark R. Mercurio, MD, FAAP*

Director, Yale Pediatric Ethics Program
Co-Chair, Yale-New Haven Hospital Ethics Committee
Professor, Yale School of Medicine

Puru Pathak, MS*

Software Engineer, Cloud Computing, Amazon

Mike Rea*

CEO, IDEA Pharma

Briggs W. Morrison, MD*

CEO, Syndax Pharmaceuticals

Lauren Rogge*

Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability, Ernst & Young

Lucy Rose, MBA*

CEO, Lucy Rose and Associates
Former Director, FDA CDER DDMAC

Richard Wilder*

Associate General Counsel, Gates Foundation

Kimberly Sabelko*

Managing Director, Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Rob Scott, MD*

Retired Chief Medical Officer, Abbvie

Bray Patrick-Lake*

Director of Strategic Partnerships at Evidation Health
Patient Representative, PCORnet

Cheryl Pegus, MD*

EVP, Health & Wellness, Walmart
Board Chair, Association of Black Cardiologists
(Advisor on SciAm project)

Jessica Scott, MD*

President, Legacy Health Strategies

Joanne Waldstreicher, MD*

CMO, Johnson & Johnson
Affiliated Faculty, NYU School of Medicine, Division of Medical Ethics


No one organization brings forward ethical questions to a level easily understood on a daily basis by clinicians and managers alike than Bioethics International. Finally, a mechanism that operationalizes ethics for the clinician!

Frederick M. Burkle, Jr., MD, MPH, DTM, Professor, Sr. Fellow, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Harvard University, Cambridge