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Balancing Economics and Ethics: How Can VA/HTA Support Equitable Resource Allocation?

September 21, 2020 1:00PM-2:15PM EDT

ISPOR and the Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) are collaborating—with help from an expert advisory committee—to define a series of dialogues that highlight key challenges confronting HEOR methodologists, patients, clinicians, and policy-makers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar series will explore multiple viewpoints and focus on potential pathways for solutions in international and U.S.-focused health technology assessment and value assessment (VA/HTA).


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DIA Facilitating Access: Patients’ perspectives on a streamlined development approach to treatments for debilitating diseases

June 23, 2019June 27, 2019

Panelists will explore the pros and cons of the pathway from the patient perspective and learn about how regulators and sponsors may help facilitate the development of critically needed treatments.  This discussion will introduce a streamlined approach to early-stage development of therapies to address severely debilitating or life-threatening diseases and consider the potential value of a global regulatory approach.

Location: San Diego, CA


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2019 Brain Health and Performance Summit

June 5, 2019June 7, 2019

Dr. Jennifer E. Miller answers “Whose Data Is It” question.

This 75-minute session will look at the ethical considerations, legal aspects, coaching perspectives and athletic viewpoints related to ownership of sports biometric data. This session will be moderated by Jeremy Abbate from Scientific American.

Location: Columbus, Ohio


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New York Times interviews our founder, Jennifer Miller, on FDA's clinical trial transparency pilot

The New York Times interviewed our founder, Jennifer Miller, on FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb's clinical trial transparency initiatives. She discussed his new pilot, launched last month, which selects 9 recently-approved drugs, whose sponsors (generally pharmaceutical companies) volunteer to participate, to post portions of Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) from their pivotal trials on FDA's website…

February 12, 2018

Big Data Probably Knows More About You Than Your Friends Do

This week we focused on the ethics of Big Data, publishing an article titled, Big Data Probably Knows More About You Than Your Friends Do, in Leaps Mag. The article discusses the promises and perils of big data and concludes with a way to manage your data wealth.  To read the full article click here.

February 7, 2018

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Data sharing in clinical trials: keeping score

Miller, JE and Price, A. Data sharing in clinical trials: keeping score. BMJ. 2019

There are many questions over who should have access to health data and who owns them.  These issues are complicated in clinical trials where data are co-produced by participants, researchers, clinicians, funders, and industry. Ninety percent of all data ever produced were produced in the past two years, raising novel ethical questions about the responsibilities of data collectors and the rights of participants. [1] These questions are particularly acute for clinical trial data, which hold life-saving potential and can advance patient and population health…

Sharing of clinical trial data and results reporting practices among large pharmaceutical companies

Miller J, Ross J, Wilenzick M, Mello M. Sharing of clinical trial data and results reporting practices among large pharmaceutical companies: cross sectional descriptive study and pilot of a tool to improve company practices BMJ 2019; 366

Public expectations for transparency in the conduct and reporting of clinical trials continue to evolve. Today, the transparency discussion has shifted to new terrain: sharing of patient level clinical trial data. Evaluating and tracking progress on the implementation of data sharing among pharmaceutical companies is, however, difficult. Existing guidelines for what should be shared, how, and when vary widely and are often vague. As part of a larger project called the Good Pharma Scorecard, we developed a harmonized, practical set of measures and a tool for assessing sharing of participant level clinical trial data by research sponsors and applied them to measure policies and practices among large pharmaceutical companies with drugs newly approved by the FDA in 2015. We also evaluated the feasibility of the tool (a ranking system) in improving companies’ practices. We found 25% of large pharmaceutical companies fully met the data sharing measure. Given feedback and a chance to improve their policies to meet this measure, three companies made amendments, raising the percentage of companies in full compliance to 33%.

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